The Love of God

The Unchanging Love of God

June 2, 2020 Jeocity 0

The Love of God

God so much love the things he created in this world that he have to make a huge sacrifice of sending his only treasure the beloved son to come and die for the sin of the world through, agony of pain and sorrow. God sent us a Messiah to come and carry our Gluttony, to whip out our bloody sin and yet we refuse to acknowledge the love of God in our life.

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Dear friends wishing all a beautiful morning

August 15, 2019 Jeocity 1

Dear friends wishing all a beautiful morning with brighter day ahead to us all. Most especially the orphans out there, have or do not have who is taking care of them, now I see how it feels when you look around you, you can’t see who to call mother or father, is that a drop of tears that just drop down Jeocity