Expiration date of corruption


To the greatest of Africans
Expiration date of corruption
Corruption date of expiration is closer and that is if the youth of this generation are ready to put an end to corruption that is eating up every angles of development and its bad influence among the youths in today’s world. The youth has the key to corruption expiration date. The youth of this generation has the power to say no to corruption and it will come to an end.

The only thing that doesn’t have an expiration date is good, and doing good means that corruption has finally come to an end which is the expiration date of its existence.
I believe that it is time for the youth of this generation to stand for what is good and real, not youthful passion anymore. We need to put an end to this evil corruption that is eating up every youth in the society nowadays. Corruption has impacted negatively in so many lives and is now very difficult to see a youth with a vibrant mind of doing well, without thinking of doing evil.

The result of every evil is pain everywhere, evil will only cause more pain and lose in the society we find ourselves today, hunting people, the innocent killings are all sources of evil act, that is cause by corruption. It is time for the youths to think right in achieving peace and unity within ourselves and the society which we are living.

To our dear parents, help us to put an end to corruption
Dear parents it is time for you to bring up your children or ward in a way that, they will live to keep up with your good legacy for tomorrow purpose. As an agent of peace and unity we need to stand for what is good and let go off the bad side of us and to bring up the young generation with good leadership training and moral so that the society of today will have a breathe of peace and unity, segregation has no good in the life of the youths and the entire human race.

Parents should be able to show affection for their ward so that they will also show it to their fellow human and the world entirely, we need to stand up to build and impact positively on the lives of the youths, to maintain orderliness in the public place, within the environment they may find themselves, they should be able to stand as an agents of peace and unity in the entire human race.
It is time to get the youth involve in leadership affairs so as to curb crime in the society, as we may know or aware of the society we are living today is no longer safe because of crimes caused by “Idleness” the youth need to be fully enrolled in the political and leaderships affairs, they need to be nurtured and train so as to overcome crime in the society. All I am seeing now is idleness and frustration that has lead most reasonable youth to go commit crimes, and violating laws with illegal activities in the society. I strongly believe that an idle brain is the devil workshop. And so let get the youth busy to overcome crime, I so much believe that getting the youths involved in leadership affairs, training, development, empowerment is a way of equipping the youth and also to say no to crime and corruption in the society of today, we can reduce or eradicate corruption that is eating deep into the nation’s fabrics.

It is time for the youth to feed themselves with things that matter to the family, communities and in the whole human race. Youth have the key to tomorrow’s future. I want to say that our present leaders should help the youth to grow in the areas of leadership and capacity building. They should show good examples to the youth which we believe they are the leaders of tomorrow. They should lead by example, there are no good examples set by our leaders anymore on the public affairs, and they have betrayed democracy system itself. Today’s leaders have set no good examples to the upcoming leaders to follow, they have betrayed leadership skills which are suppose to be used and for the demonstration of democracy also an avenue for the youth to learn from, the aims of democracy have been defeated in the political affairs of “Nigeria in general”, nevertheless it is not too late for our leaders to make amend to the damages they have cause in the lives of the youths. Because the youth are no longer seeing or believing that there will come a time that everything will change and things will start moving normal as it suppose to be. That is why most youth are practicing evil nowadays bad leadership and a corrupted way of life which still burn down to corruption.







Corruption in schools
I grow up to see that education was meet for the intelligent, brain brighter, stars, clever persons who are academically fit. Looking at the higher institutions today are full of educational ignorant, educational illiterates, because of the bad leaderships that is been practice in most part of the world. It has become a tradition in Nigeria political and leadership system, that is why graduate of nowadays are not sound like graduate of yesteryears, they were physically, morally, socially, religiously and academically sound. Graduate of nowadays are more like secondary school leavers, with little or no sense of moral in them anymore, you hardly see a graduate with creative minds without piracy, “Copy Copy they reign everywhere no originality anymore because of copy let me copy my own too”. Whao stop. Please let’s stop the killings of ideas because of corruption, to pass exam in the higher institutions now is full of malpractices of photocopies. No self boost anymore, no self development anymore, only depends on already made food, chia corruption why, I grow up to meet technical education which was meant for those who were not academically fit but more technically gifted, but through technical education they were able to learn with skill acquisitions and leadership training, to enable them fit in the labour market and society at large.
Parent should stop looking for miracle center where their ward will go and sit to pass their Jamb, WAEC and NECO and any other exams the will qualify your ward into the High Institutions, because doing that alone means that your ward can buy a degree with money and so on, also lead to sexual harassment. Just to ready and pass exams is now a problem.

I grow up to meet people burn their candles even when electricity was not that common in the remote areas people where still doing their studies with candles and other sources of light either local made light or English made then. But now electricity is very much available for research, we have chargeable lighter everywhere candles are still selling now talk about the phones we use nowadays make it easy to read and understand when there is no electricity. For where; instead of night reading popularity non as (TDB) is night charting now we keep on moving from one social media to another looking for nothing whaoo. “TIME IS LIKE A RIVER” who are we to blame corruption because jobs are not been given by merit now but through bribing and corruption, everyone is being forced to school, and that is why we don’t know our right to left more.

Perhaps, democracy is a process of leading and building of the young people who are meant to take over tomorrow leadership but in this era, our leaders seem not to be concerned on what happens tomorrow when they are no more on sit, and the youth themselves are not ready for leadership because of youthful passion that has lead so many to the early grave without any achievement in life. We allow ourselves to be blinded by the youthful passion and forget about our right.
As a youth this is the time to say no to corruption and come up with a brighter and strong leadership’s skill that will fortify our leadership system tomorrow, we need to stand up for what is right. We need a strong youth organization that will involve in leadership and youth development on capacity building.

My conclusion
The youth need to put an end to corruption through self development, skill acquisition and leadership training without committing crime around and building more corrupted ways of living in the society. My advice to every young individual is that, do what you know is right and shun crime. Remember that anything that has a beginning also has an end. Thank you.
To the glory of Almighty God.



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