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Dear friends wishing all a beautiful morning

August 15, 2019 Jeocity 1

Dear friends wishing all a beautiful morning with brighter day ahead to us all. Most especially the orphans out there, have or do not have who is taking care of them, now I see how it feels when you look around you, you can’t see who to call mother or father, is that a drop of tears that just drop down Jeocity

Leadership failure


December 13, 2018 Jeocity 0

Leadership failure in the Nigerian political system has become an enigma that requires urgent redress. It is with a mind of peaceful development that I want the youth of this great nation to know that it is time werose up to locate and factor in the missing link in the political system of our country Nigeria.


July 12, 2018 Jeocity 0

In the name of liberty, freedom and democracy, on behalf of the good people of our country, especially the masses across Nigeria who require redemption and know that it is imperative for one of their own to join the political battle of the Nigeria Presidential Election 2019, a great achiever shining star who is well known as a Nigerian common-man (commoner) – Ahure Innocent Tivlumun, has indicated interest to run for President in the Nigeria Presidential Election 2019.