Historians say that the ancient Roman Empire, at the zenith of her power and glory, had the greatest administrative machinery the ancient world ever knew. She was stinking rich in art and cultures.  Her laws were so effective that they are today the foundation of the laws of many countries. Sadly her law and the mighty Roman legions could not conquer one enemy: CORRUPTION.  Only a good, democratic government headed by an honest, open and transparent leadership, which leaves no one in doubt as regards its sense of integrity, accountability and competence can effect a change in the corruption landscape.Mindful of this, I recognize that transparency is the main ingredient to restore trust between decision makers and citizens. Ahure Innocent Tivlumun – THE PILLAR OF TRUTH


I, Ahure Innocent Tivlumun – a true democratic leader who will tirelessly work to ensure that democracy survives in Nigeria by giving a sense of hope to all those who consider themselves down trodden, while displaying a humane disposition, peaceful nature and a lifestyle of empathy seeks the support of all Nigerians on my aspiration to become Nigeria’s President in 2019.  

The Eagle has landed!

By Jeocity

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