Dear friends wishing all a beautiful morning

Dear friends wishing all a beautiful morning with brighter day ahead to us all. Most especially the orphans out there, have or do not have who is taking care of them, now I see how it feels when you look around you, you can’t see who to call mother or father, is that a drop of tears that just drop down Jeocity? Yes. My mummy left since 2017 June Second till now still waiting and now my father but same ticket last week. Well If you have parents here on earth you have the best riches in the world so I want you to learn how to say sorry and thank to them every day. Never think of bringing shameful tears to them which they may not survive from. Always make them happy by promoting their good names. Any where you are allowing people to say good things about you and your family which you are coming from. That is my message for us and is for me and you.

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