If They can’t paid you as a Graduate, you should pay yourself and a Graduate and Be your BOSS.

The truth about life is not that simple but it very easy to take each step that will give you that, which you need.

I will like to say this vigorously because, must of our educated youths today so much depend in white kola job which doesn’t really pay and has cause trafficking in the word of unemployment today. I will like to say that most graduate of today do not really no why they all went to school, they only think that after graduation the next thing is to start search for white kola job, rather forget that education is more than that. Education is actually meant to training your mind to accept the good and the bad and the same time to bring light of creativity that God has created in us, and if you are a graduate today and you can’t think of been your boss tomorrow all you could think of is white kola job, and how to be waiting till the end of the month before you will get your reward, sorry I have no option than to say you don’t know the reason why you went to school at the first place.

There are lots of thing you can do as a graduate to make a living, look around you there are millions of talent roaming about looking for where to perch on.

Remember all that lead to success has to pass through hard Working Boulevard at a point. My father always said you have to allow your hand to get dirty so that you would go hungry. Thank you.


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