It may concern you either men or women?

When I see some comments on social media concerning how men are treating their wives or girlfriend I laugh, because real men don’t beat their wives, your wife is your soul mate. You are to cherish her make her feel comfortable in any situation you both find yourselves. But a situation where you are looking at a monster, you are still ruining after that monster because of material things that will give you comforts or you may benefit and forget that he is a monster after he finds out that you are not there because of who he is but for what he has or has achieved which you fill comfortable with, what do you expect from such man. He will not value you because he knows quiet ok, that you are not there him but you are there because of his wealth and material thing which will make you happy and feel relax.
He will turn you into punching bags because he feel that is what you deserved. My Advice to every Ladies is that try and look for your soul mate that will cherish you in the rest of your life and make him somebody you want by standing by him, work with him, advice him, talk to him and build and mode him the way you will be proud of him and for others to look up to as a model and also, you will become an epitome of inspiration and mentor to the young ones, including the old will be proud of you. And for the Men, God create women for men to take care of stop taken advantage of them because they are weak in nature, they easily give up to the situations they find themselves it doesn’t mean that you should take advantage of them remember God that created us is not happy with what we are doing to today.
I want to use this medium to talk to both of us concerning woman who you think that are not important that we are all burned by a woman and to the ladies, respect the young man you are looking down on he will not remain in that position forever.

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