Send Sweet Good Night Messages for Her

Sweet Good night messages for her

I couldn’t not imagine your love in my deepest dreams, your love so sweet not to describe how sweet it was dear. Sweet Good night messages for her

The aroma of your Beautiful smile

Beautiful Smile

The aroma of your Beautiful smile

Wao, who is this beautiful, pretty and a charming surface angel standing, full of aroma of peace and love, what is your name, beautiful angel; sorry if I bother you with my interruption, due to I have never seen anything beautiful as you are.

Your beautiful smile has caused me, my inpatient

My inpatient of hearing your voice makes me looks so far to have forgotten to say, hello I hope you are fine in knowing your state of mind because, asking of your beautiful name, which for sure, I know that your name will be as beautiful as you are.

Guy speaks with blindness of a beautiful smile which has an aroma;

Please forgive me before I disturb you I just want to say that the aroma of your beautiful smile makes me feel breathing again because I wake up this morning seeing myself as a dead living creature.  But look what the aroma of your beautiful smile has done. It has given me another chance to live again; another chance to smile again that is why I am saying that your beautiful smile and a charming prettiness. A gorgeous weapon of happiness, that can be use to destroy sadness, sorrows and pains that which you are.

I want you to know that you where actually created to bring peace and joy to the world, we are living a world full of oppression, hatred and sorrows with blood shared around the street and corners.

Heartbreak is the order of the day just because of youthful passion which is eating every angle of our lives. It all end in youthful passion that takes the wrong move of life. Please take care of my heart for me. Keep my heart away from sadness and sorrows that might come in future, so as I too must keep you safe in order to safe guard our lives in future and to make the world a better place to live without pain and sadness with our hearts feel with joy and everlasting happiness see you as perfectly ok for keeping my help, hoping that one day we will all have the same pureness in our heart to live peacefully.

I want you to know that we have met before in the past at our tender age of nurturing process, it has been destined that you and I are destined to have a wonderful life together and to empower our self.

To fulfilled beautiful smile it has to cause me my inpatient and understanding of true love.

To fulfilled the scriptures we really need to examine our heart to see if truly that, which we find pleasure doing is the right thing to do to bring happiness. I truly love you magnificent; I want to cherish you for the rest of my life. What essence your smile has done to my heart? If not to bring a new meaning to what life is so we can celebrate it together. Because there is no sadness or sorrows anymore, I feel no pain anymore, with you magnificent I am fulfill in life.

I want to say that the aroma of your smile makes me feel complete and happy, all I am seeing right now is peace and unity, which the world is lacking right about now. My heart belongs to you as we are standing here right now, before I will embark on a journey of no return.

I will start fading away magnificent without the beautiful aroma in your smile that will give me hope of survivor  looking at your beautiful smile and the aroma in your smile that has envelop a new life into me again, I there say my heart belong to you magnificent. You are the only one who has the key to bring it back to live again I must confess the truth. You are the only one who can protect my heart from heat of sadness and pain. I there to say that, I am willing to admire your beauty, and to cherish you all the days of my life.

I share live to protect your beauty from stain and scratch from anything that might hurt you from unknown direction, I will stand to fight our battle, but please just promise me that you will keep my heart safe from sadness and sorrows of pain, keep it from unnecessary cold that might come, so as to enable me fighting our battle of life and to fight for your justice, peace and happiness of life.

I am very glad that I met you today if not, today has been sign as the last day of my existence but, because of the aroma of your beautiful smile I have be given another opportunity to decided either to live again or not, there was no hope to life for me anymore but because of the aroma that was found in your pretty smile my life was change with immediate effect. The existence of my entire life has been given a new chance and when I ask why the people all say there is a new life in my heart again, look at them over there, they are all been invited to witness  how my existence was supposed to end today. They actually said there is a new life in me today according to the doctor, there was an aroma of smile in my heart now and where is this aroma coming from and immediately I started checking deep inside of me I actually notice that unexpected joy was inside me I couldn’t hold it but I just have to bust the smile of joy to a new life again.

Looking at your direction I saw the aroma of smile coming from your pretty face, standing in my view is a beautiful angel with a pretty smile entangle with life and strength, which have lead me to ask of your name, but it seems you are too busy to assist me to live again magnificent? Sorry for disturbing you it will not happen again.

Lady: yes we have to meet again and it is now, please I am very sorry for not have listen to you for the first time. I think I know who you are, because I have seen an angel like you before when I was a little child, the angel raise me up and help me to live again, at a time I was denied of living, the angel raised me up and close me in his arm and I was feel secure and the bad that was coming to eat me up the angel never allowed it to happen because he raise me up and drop me in his shoulder just to save my life from pain and sadness, that angel is you.

Please where do we go from here? Take me to anywhere you which that is save from here please I am all your right here and after now I am all yours. Well I have been preparing for this day by practicing the skills of eagle feather, the secret of the eagle feather I now know why, is for me to fly you to anywhere in the world, which you wish to fly to. Magnificent come let us go to where I have prepared for both of us the beautiful garden on earth, very peaceful and beautiful garden on earth.

I promise never to allow  you feel any pain from sadness and sorrows which is my duty in existence from today henceforth, I denied my life to protect yours as a sign of my love for you magnificent.

The series of the Aroma in the beautiful smile.

Baby the Aroma of your beautiful smile have given me a new life again

Baby the Aroma of your beautiful smile have given me a new beginning

Baby the Aroma of your beautiful smile have given me a new hope to life

Baby the Aroma of your beautiful smile have given me a new day

Baby the Aroma of your beautiful smile have given me a new heart

Baby the Aroma of your Beautiful smile have given me a new smile

Baby the Aroma of your beautiful smile have given me a new goals with passion and clear vision.

Baby the Aroma of your beautiful smile have given me the opportunity to begin a new life again.

The aroma of your smile has make me to understand the power of an eagle wing which has given me the ability to defeat the eagle when flying just to protect you from anything that might come from the enemies around us which has been my coldness all this time but, because of the power in the aroma of your smile, that has envelop the coldness in my heart for many years now. I want to say thank you for your gift of live and never to remember sadness and pain again and in all we share live in peace, love and freedom. I am bless to be an inspiration of peace love and unity. What is your lesion from this piece of writing in peace and joy?

In whatever is in and find joy in doing good and let the bad go so that the world can actually experience unity, peace and love.

The Aroma of a beautiful smile dedicated to the only one I love, the epitome of my inspiration in writing this piece of writing. Cast me for saying the truth than to die with the truth, without it being told, in her dignity in loyalty, her simplicity in totality of her beautiful smiling gift.

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