Political conflict and youth in Nigeria

Political conflict and youth in Nigeria
Political conflict and youth in Nigeria

The youth shouldn’t be used as machinery or weapons of the crisis in Nigeria by our politicians because youths are the future of this country.
For the past, Nigerian youths have become more and more hopeless and helpless when it comes to political and leadership issues in the country because of bad leadership style of the elders. When I was growing up in those days at school, there is these song we normally sing then in my primary school days, that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow parent train your children so when they grow up they will grow up with a good leadership quality in a way of becoming a good person in the society tomorrow as we may know that a good person is a good leader and a mentor, is our politicians showing good examples to us anymore, what can we really learn from them lying, stealing of government property, barricading the law in favouritism to the political arena alone?
If it is yes as your answer to this political conflict and youth in Nigeria, then look at our political leaders today and say they are doing well or not. Can I stand up now and say with my full sincerity that our government is trying, why? Why will I say such a thing it is a taboo to the sincerity nature of a human being because all I can see is sending the youth to their early grave without any achievement. “If I may ask if there is war in Nigeria today can our politicians be at the war field or ran away”? politicians in Nigeria today are more concerned about themselves and that is why they want to kill and destroy the hope of Nigeria leaders of tomorrow and we can easily say no to that and the youth are the right person and people for these?, the youth are in best position to do this, you and me are the youths to fight it not to be fighting unnecessary fight, like religious, tribal, all this are political assertion, I call it nepotism. Just to create divisions within the youth in order to achieve their aims knowing that when the youth are fighting there will be less attention to their deadly evil, May God forgives us. They fully know that when the youth of this country have one voice, they will not be able to lie and cheat on youth anymore. On the political conflict and youth in Nigeria
I want to use this golden opportunity to seek for the unity of youth in this country Nigeria. Because unity is power, unity is peaceful, unity is the key that leads to an agreement, agreement lead to change and there wouldn’t be “CHANGE IF THERE IS NO AGREEMENT” between the youths of Nigeria call it North, South, West, and East we are one Nigeria together we share stand firm to the call believe me.
Our politicians are only distracting us with political and religious crisis, nepotism which is eating up the mind of every youth in Nigeria, I think the earlier we realize that all we need to live a peaceful life as one country is peace and unity which is our weak point and the politicians are using that avenue in cheating on us, by distracting us with all manners of crisis either political, religious, socio-economical and tribalistic opine of crisis. Youth make una wake up from youth night mails, please. Don’t allow nepotism to kill your dreams. On the political conflict and youth in Nigeria
Let us go further in examine the life in which the politicians have build in the life of the masses which the youth are mostly affected by it. On the political conflict and youth in Nigeria.
unemployment today is affecting by the masses not the elite, inflation is being suffered today by the masses, lack of basic social amenities is being suffered by the masses because the elite never knows what inflation is. They are even the influential’s of inflation so that the masses will suffer and will to accept any conditions being given to them either of no choice to decline, and it has to remain uppity without the voice of the youth. Without their unity and peace, that bold voice that will emanate the minds of our government that the youth are ready and wiser now let us involved them in the leadership role and right to participate in government affairs that will be boldly accessed and implemented by the constitutions that always makes the law to work so as to intimate the youth also that there is a need for change which is an agreement between the elite and the masses, ha political conflict and youth in Nigeria.
But if we the youth keep on listening to our politicians pushing us to war by advancing us with all manners of crisis within every corner of Nigeria, believe me, it will still be the masses that will suffer it because you can never found the Nigeria elite in riot or battle field.
Let me say this very clearly, that our politicians should stop pushing the youths to war in killing themselves, fighting the unnecessary crisis caused between the political dome; call it religious, tribal and seniority either the social political parties in Nigeria. I want every youth in Nigeria to understand that he/she has a bigger role to play in the lives of the people by being the builder of peace and unity not of destruction and crimes but with an enthusiasm of achieving unity and peace among the citizens of Nigeria home and away we are one. All we need is an agreement between the elite and the masses.
I believe that this is the right time for our politicians to leave the youth alone let politician continue their evil and stop causing enmity within the Nigeria youth for persuading them to go into war, which is the best they can think of for the Nigeria youth, and we are following them. The truth is that they have left their life to some achievement but they are seeing greater in this generational youth, that is why they are trying all forces to make sure that the youth never achieved that greater height in life which is one of the reasons why the politicians are always making a statement that will push the youths into crisis of sharing blood innocent killings and destructions of properties including the natural resources we have are now weapons of evil instead of weapon of good and development, evil has been the joy derives from the natural resources God has to bless us with Nigeria changing. On the political conflict and youth in Nigeria
I have read from different books, articles, all the social medias, including audio and audio visual parakus, and I have come to realize that building the youth is not just giving them education and drive them to the street to suffer and search out to any available opportunity that may late lead to crisis of committing crime, no is more than that, building a leaders is more than just education, building a good leader involved in educating and giving an opportunity to practice what they have been through in the class room, let them practice it with little supervision to see the reality of what they were thought in class whether is through or not. But all I am seeing here in Nigeria is after suffered and finished your studies at the various higher institutions, it becomes war to find a job, then that person is now forced to pick any opportunity of making a living that might comes your way either good or bad and for the weak they always pick the bad side in committing crime around and that is what makes you a weaker if you are one of those people that live on fraudulent act.
The Effect of bad leadership in Nigeria, based on the political conflict and youth in Nigeria.
Now in Nigeria the youth are becoming more and more aggressive just because of the way the country is going, a lot of things are happening in every street of the societies, sharing of innocent blood done by the youths, destroying lives and properties in every corner of Nigeria, still on the bad leadership system in Nigeria;
I want the youths of the great country to know that when crisis come tomorrow it is you and me that will suffer it more our politicians will never feel it because their conscience is dead. They mean no good for Nigeria’s, it is the right time that every youth in Nigeria to stand and say no to violence, no to crime a big NO to any unlawful act, that will be the best agreement that will lead to that changing we all are looking for.
What makes you think that our politicians don’t know what they are doing that they don’t really mean good for Nigeria’s On the political conflict and youth in Nigeria
 If they mean good why are we suffering like this when we have all it takes to become the best among the best country in the whole world with our natural and human resources God bless us with.
 If they mean good why are they creating enmity and division within the Nigeria youth?
 If they are good why can they improve in terms of social amenities? Within masses and the ruler areas of the country, On the political conflict and youth in Nigeria
 If they are good why are they not paying full attention to our university graduates job seekers?
 If they are good why can’t they control inflation when they know that unemployment is increasing every day in Nigeria?
 If they are good why can’t they make fund accessible to the masses who are ready to establish and create employment or support the existing ones to reduce unemployment in the country; On the political conflict and youth in Nigeria
 If they are good why are they causing more damages in the existing establishment by not giving them good and conducive environment to operate,
 If they are good why are they killing businesses with high tax rate when they know that the environment is not favorable to the young establishment;
 If they are good why are they not creating a business incentive to all the businesses both the big and the small medium scale businesses in Nigeria?
 If they are good why are there no major production companies in Nigeria?
 If they are good why is our education and healthcare system keep on going down every day in Nigeria and we keep on hearing is billions of naira has been allocated to that sector still our men are to going abroad for medical treatment and taking the children abroad for schooling why if they are good? On the political conflict and youth in Nigeria
 If they are good why are they keep on piling up debts for Nigeria without major development in the country;
 If they are good, and they never one day agreed to the demand of the masses for once except their selfish interest;
 If they are good why are they developing other countries and destroyed their own country Nigeria;
 If they are good why lying to us when camping and after winning they turn their back at the masses that voted them into power; On the political conflict and youth in Nigeria
 If they are good why destroying the law to favor themselves alone without looking at the damages it might cause. Selfish interest can never make you a good leader.
To my conclusion on the effect of bad leadership in Nigeria a case study of the political conflict and youth in Nigeria
I think what we need at this point in time is an agreement between the elite and the masses. The youth should not be used as an instrument of destruction, the youth should be seeing and redesign for a wealth development in Nigeria. HELLO.

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