Say no to violence
Say no to violence

My dear friend, I want you to know that violence is never an option to be considered even in the face of seemingly impossible and trying circumstances. Though our society today isn’t a reflection of the ideal, resorting to acts of violence shouldn’t be an alternative to anyone who seeks the good of the society and that of himself.

Consider the cow which is greatly admired for its huge size and highly graced carriage. Despite these adornments, the cow is reckoned to be one of the most gentle in its sphere. Friend, why not utilize those qualities, abilities and strength which you intend channeling into acts of violence as useful tools which could be utilized in building the ideal society we so desire void of evil and violence, but with great tranquility.

You were specially designed, framed and given birth to, to fulfill a specific purpose which is to add value to the human race. This special gift to humanity in you can only be identified, unveiled and manifested in an environment of peace and order. You are just too valuable and priceless for that violent act which you find succor in due to the momentary happiness you may derive from it or the cheap gains you get which you see as means of survival and therefore see it as a possible way for your continued existence.

Look at the story of creation, how God had created everything else outside of man; He saw that they were all good, but observed that something important was still missing. Guess what! That special component that was needed to balance the creation equation was not violence; it was none other but… YOU! Yes, YOU!!

You were brought into the scene to order the entire creation. Why then try to bring chaos into that which you are meant to organize through acts of violence? Isn’t that an aberration? Get to think of this; if the salt loses its saltiness, of what value is it anymore? This is the exact scenario that plays out when you engage in activities that don’t constitute value to our world especially your immediate environment. You become like a salt that has lost its saltiness and therefore is good for nothing other than to be thrown out and trampled upon. You demean your authority as a man when you engage in acts that does no good to the people around you.

You were created in God’s image, after His very likeness. Therefore, your primary purpose on earth is to exhibit His very nature by portraying attributes that are consistent with His nature. God as seen even from creation is a God of order. He tranquilized the chaotic earth through the process of creation, this brought peace and order to the void and formless earth. You are therefore expected as a matter of responsibility to be an instrument through which order and peace are established wherever you find yourself. Only by so doing will you be fulfilling the primary purpose of man on earth which is to tend and keep it.

Dear friend, knowing all these, do you still see violence as an option in whatever situation you may find yourself? Why become like the animals and other creatures which you are expected to govern by indulging in that detestable act?
You are much more than you think of yourself and even what the society around you has made you to be; you are special, unique and very much important to this world, so do not allow yourself to be cajoled into any form of violence. Decide today to shun violence in all its forms and become the instrument of peace which you are meant to be.

What do you gain under the umbrella of violence? You will be made to do thing which you are not meet to do on a normal day. Violence is a wicked act governed by greed for money and lust for blood. You lost the right to say no on issues, which ordinarily you would have refused, for example violence will make to execute a revenge bid, to kill somebody else that have never met before either in your environment or some other environments.

As the case may be, which ordinarily you would have refused or reflected upon if you had your free yourself from violence as an individual. But as a person who is under the influence of violence you will find it difficult to say no to violence, because you find it enjoyable and satisfied under the umbrella of violence. Therefore, with the oath penalty hanging over you, you commit your first violence as a killer a murderer. The fearful sanctity of human life.

Thereafter, you continue killing without qualms! A murderer is an enemy of God and humanity. Nobody has the right to take a human life because you don’t destroy what you can’t create or build. So as a violent person you run the demonic risk of being a murderer.

Violent will compelled you by forces beyond you to become a thief and finally an armed robber. Why because you fill that nobody can stop you anymore. You will become a potential moneybag. Secret cult’s devish avenues of making money by the influence of violence as a leading point in your life.

Taxes of violence are becoming more imposed from time to time on the persons under the influences earlier sworn under blood oath to be faithful to the ideals and dictates of the activities as well as absolute obedience to the violent act. The statement of violent account or expenditure of the violent taxes are neither personal taxes or under requests by the forces of violence. It therefore follows from simple arithmetic that the more violent a person’s engaged itself violent act, the more the person is deeply socks in this act.

Violence is an instrument of destruction
Violence is weapon of the devil
Violence is a house of sadness
Violence is a field of manipulation
Violence is a place of no peace and joy
Violence has no home for peace to rest

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