Leadership failure
Leadership failure

Leadership failure in the Nigerian political system has become an enigma that requires urgent redress. It is with a mind of peaceful development that I want the youth of this great nation to know that it is time werose up to locate and factor in the missing link in the political system of our country Nigeria.

Leadership failure
Leadership failure

The leadership failure is the reason for all the ills that are obvious in our society today. As we may take a careful look at the Nigerian leadership failure today, it should lead to a positive steering in our spirit to reposition Nigeria towards a prosperous dream. Looking forward to a better Nigeria, we the youth must stand to seek a common goal towards achieving a better Nigeria not minding the leadership failure from the older generation. Let it be that a great day is here for the rebirth of a new Nigeria through the young people in Nigeria not minding the damages that has been done in the Nigerian political sphere as a result of selfish interests.We the young people need to come together to seek a new Nigeria through changes we all hope for, which is an independent sovereign nation void of any form of abnormality.

Words cannot bring to expression the much desired change. It is therefore very imperative that our words are backed with necessary actions carefully tailored towards the much needed change we propagate. This is a very important point which is pivotal in addressing the current leadership failure. It will give us the strength and courage as we dedicate our life to the service of humanity and to our country Nigeria.

Corruption and leadership failure in Nigeria
This is a crucial time and it is even most crucial because we have awaited it with increasing impatience as we have been compelled to watch one country after another overtake ours on the road to greatness, when we had so nearly reached our goal and destination, but due to lack of good governance and leadership failure we have been left behind as a country.
It will be so wonderful if only we can utilize this opportunity we have to reclaim our rightful status. It is time to stand as one nation to fight for justice and peace in this country, not with violence but with unity among the young people in Nigeria. It is only peace and unity that will lead us to a progressive development, let us fight this leadership failure from the older ones without religious and tribal sentiments within us.

Religion and tribalism are all weapons put in place by the current political class to bring discord within the ranks of the younger generation, tricking us out of administrative positions and telling us we are not ready and mature to take on leadership roles. Is it true that the youth are not mature? As one nation we the youth must stand to defend her unity and uphold her loyalty in achieving a peaceful development to correct the current leadership failure.

Leadership failure and the way forward in Nigeria.
Let today go down in history as the culmination of a progressive beginning of change in the Nigerian political history. We truly need the reconstruction and rebuilding of our leadership status, looking forward to a better Nigeria.
We are all called upon to display attributes befitting of responsible leaders in our various spheres, we must stand to play an active participation in maintaining the peace of the society in preserving civilization and we should be determined to succeed and open a new chapter in the Nigerian leadership system, and of the commonwealth and indeed of the world. So help us God.

Youths are to kill leadership failure in Nigeria because they are the future leaders
The youths are the future of Nigeria. As leaders of tomorrow, we must stand as one to fight the good fight, and what is the fight we must fight? We must stand to fight the corrupt system in Nigeria that has denied us the rightful access to a good standard of living even as we are bless with natural resources and manpower. The youth are being denied of good living due to leadership failure and selfish interest epogated by our older persons in politics.

Let’s take a look at where we are coming from and where we are supposed to be now if the system were to be working well.

Where we are today shows that there is no hope for the young persons in Nigeria if we are to judge based on what the current generation of leaders have presented to us. It only shows that there is no hope for the younger ones because indirectly, Nigeria is beginning to face slavery again due to leadership failure. Because if you are aware of the number of young people traveling out of Nigeria now you will understand what I mean by indirect slavery. The best brains we have in Nigeria are moving abroad on a daily basis, all in the name of seeking greener pastures.

If not for leadership failure, how will a country that is so blessed with natural and human resources which other country wish for be in such an ugly situation? How will you allow your future leaders to travel to other countries all in the name of seeking greener pastures and living their country empty, which is not good for the future of any nation.

We the youth must stand with one voice to fight the corrupt system infiltrated by the older persons in politics in Nigeria due to leadership failure. Why are we still following them my fellow youths? This is the time to say no to a corrupt system. This is the right time to tell our leaders that we are tired of their political failure, we need change. The average Nigerian youth today is not living up to one-quarter of theideal standard of living. Why? Leadership failure. So they can buy our conscience during election period, the older persons all know what they are doing by not giving us access to the basic social amenities meant for her citizens as our civic right demands. Why? Leadership failure.

Their campaign strategy is to infiltrate religious and tribal crisis and it is the youths that are being used to carry out their mission and yet they feel less concerned after election. Why?

Their campaigns are full of lies and deceit, why?

The youth easily forget that they are the apple eye of development as leaders of tomorrow and that we need to unite and fight corruption so that the unborn generation will not have to pass through what we are facing now. Why?

As an apple eye of development in any country, we must stand to fight it now by seeking a rebirth of Nigeria for the betterment of tomorrow’s generation as not to also face this menace that is destroying the faith of every young person in Nigeria not to believe in this country anymore.The unborn generation must not experience this because we may not like what will happen when that time comes. Why?

Let’s seek a new Nigeria where Christians, Muslims and others co-exist as one people and one nation with no sentiment in-between or religious and tribal discrimination, because this has become an instrument of crisis being used by the older persons in the political arena in Nigeria. Why? Leadership failure.

This should be the new gate way to the change we seek every day, let history mark this century as the season where a rebirth of Nigeria actually began, let it be an history in Nigeria let it be a total turn around for Nigeria to have a good leadership system by standing with one voice as a country with peace and unity that can only bring about development. I see a new Nigeria through this, I see a new Nigeria is about to come when the youths are fully united. How else can we develop the nation and kill corruption other than us being united in peace. This way, corruption will be dead and leadership failure will disappear for the betterment of the nation.

The youth are still having the same mentality of the older generation by allowing corruption through the selling of our votes during elections. Why? Stomach infrastructure as a result of leadership failure.

Our right to vote should never be infringed upon anymore because of religious and tribal crisis, it is a systematic weapon to distract us from leadership participation by the older persons in politics.

This is the right time for youths to rise to their feet to fight injustice and for the welfare of every Nigeria not distracted by either religious or tribal differences because we are all one.

Religious and tribal crisis are systematic ways of distracting the youth not to participate in the political affairs in Nigeria so that we will not understand their leadership failure and motives towards the future of Nigeria.

We have been denied political participation over the years by the older generation in Nigeria due to empty promises instigated by the older persons in political affairs in Nigeria and we are still following their lies and deceit because of stomach infrastructure.

Can we see that the older person know what they are doing by starving us of our civic rights, thereby impoverishing us and making us perpetual dependents who look up to them for peanuts instead of being self-sufficient and independent.This makes the youths vulnerable and makes us susceptible tools in the hands of the selfish politicians.

They use us to carry out all sort of devilish acts such as; instigating crisis, armed robbers, kidnapers, 419s, yahoo!!!, hooligans and drugs abusers. In all we have been tagged as unproductive youths. Why? I must have something to eat to survive and forget you have every right to a good standard of living with no stress. Right to a good job, good healthcare system, good education and human capacity development, those are the basic social amenities which are supposed to put in place by a good and functional leadership system.

These are the duties of good governance in any country but, the older persons are not making things easy for us by denying us the access to basic social amenities. The role of good leadership is to make everything easy for his or her citizens.

Leadership failure has to go, says the youth.
It is time for us to look at the role of good governance and its place in the development of a nation. I will like us to look at the life of Nelson Mandela Madiba, a light to his generation and a messenger of peace.He never fought religious or tribal battles nor for personal ambitions but for the entire nation of South Africa.

His contribution in the rebirth of a new South Africa as a nation under the apartheid system became a solid foundation of a new South Africa where both blacks, whites, Indians and others co-exist as one people and one loving nation. This should be a great lesson for every African child and most especially the Nigerian youths in times like this.

Nelson Mandela’s concept of a leader should be a blueprint for aspiring leaders, this should serve as the right foundation in our effort to establish a strong nation and become a good example for others, especially in the continent of Africa.

Nelson Mandela is one of the few statesmen in Africa to have gained universal respect around the world and across political spectrums. The truth is do we have such in Nigeria? Or can we have such in Nigeria? Even in our leadership failure can there be any?

Madiba’s role in fighting apartheid and his imprisonment, where he became a symbol of struggle for the oppressed people around the world, and he was able to steer South Africa through the crisis which led to the rebirth of a new South Africa and earned him the international reputation of a benevolent negotiator and quintessential peacemaker and a unified hero of peace.

It is time for us the youths to seek for the birth of a new Nigeria.We shouldn’t allow the older generation in politics to persuade us and take advantage of our ignorance by instigating religious and tribal crisis within us in order to lose focus on the affairs of this nation.

Say no to leadership failure during election; no bribing or selling and buying of vote
As leaders of tomorrow we should not settle for less anymore by accepting anything they present to us during election to vote them into power. We must stand to defend our human right as citizens of Nigeria to uphold her unity and peace as youths because through peace and unity, development can easily take place. We should start seeing reason why we need to stand with one voice to fight this corrupt system in Nigeria.

As leaders of tomorrow I urge every youth who believe in this country to start having the mindset of seeking a new Nigeria.Through unity and progress, we will succeed, let’s stand with one faith and come together as one loving nation.

United we shall stand but divided we will fall, I believe we are brave enough to say no to corruption even if the older persons are not seeing the future, we the young ones have to picture the future and start making amendment to the damages caused due to leadership failure in Nigeria. We are one and one loving nation, we should forget about religious or tribal sentiments.

Fighting and killing will not solve our problem, it will only worsen our problem.We can achieve a peaceful development through peace and unity. We are the future leaders of tomorrow, we need to stand firm by one another to support and empower ourselves to liberate Nigeria from this ugly menace.

We must champion the affairs of this nation by giving our selfless service to humanity.We must believe that democracy can be achieved through the young people.If the older persons have failed, we should not fail the unborn generation. We are the leaders of tomorrow.

We have been deceived all these years with religion and tribalism, can’t we see that this are all instruments of distraction setup by the older generation in the political arena to distract we the youths from active participation in politics.

The older persons are ruling us with a corrupt system of governance and injustice.We need to have an understanding that our leaders in politics know what they are doing by not providing for the youth and allowing them to go hungry and frustrated so that when election comes, they will buy our conscience by selling our votes to them. This is the era of reality.
If we are truly the leaders of tomorrow, we must start now. We need to agree with ourselves on the way forward in achieving a peaceful development and a peaceful co-existence among us all.

Thank you and God bless Nigeria.

This piece of work leadership failure in Nigeria is writing by Omoh Monday Joseph and has never been published in any site or publication. 

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