what you do not know about Technology

Look at what  you do not know about Technology can actually do to your life

Good thing about social network

The good thing about social networking is mainly that you can keep in touch with friends and family whether they live next door or on the other side of the world. Facebook is the worlds biggest social networking site and that was only created in 2004. That means older people who used to go to school ad have lost touch with certain friends that have moved away can now get in touch with them within a couple of clicks. Also people can play games on social networking sites with each other or by themselves. This is great as people can play games while keeping touch and have fun. Finally another good point is that you can post pictures and videos, meaning you can show friends and family things that could range from small things like a night out our your babies first words to big things like weddings or births.

The bad side effect of social network

Coupled with the good points are also some bad points such as, Posting photos, this can be fun as you can show family and friends major life events but once you post a video up it’s not yours anymore as if one person posts it to some one else the video can snowball to other websites and before you know it lots of people will have seen it. This happens lots with videos of fights, when theres a fight in school or out on the streets people are likely to video this and post it to the internet and lots of people will be able to see it. Education: Developments in ict have had lots of affects on education in schools and colleges.

The important of social network

The main development ict has had on education – 20 years ago before the internet students would have to do there research in the libary from books and then write there notes down but now students can do there research online in the comfort of there own home by using things such as a computer, a laptop and even peoples phones. Now instead of reading from books students can record there research into some of the new high tec phones and then read there notes while listening to music say while waiting for the bus or on the bus. Also while in class now instead of doing your work in books in some schools you can now do all your work on electronically items such as computers and laptops. Finally you can do all your coursework and homework on a computer either at school or home and then email your work to your teachers through school email.

Internet banking is very useful because it allows you to transfer money no matter how small or large from one bank account to another with only a few clicks and all you need to get started is to create an account and have either a debit or a credit card. Internet shopping is useful as it allows you to buy things from the comfort of your own home and allowsx you to buy all your shopping within a few clicks and usually have it delivered within a few days. ( which is brilliant in icy conditions cause you could crash.)


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